How to handle Body Odor

A fact we all know too well: It's very difficult to find natural deodorants that work. Also, it is important to know the difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant. As for deodorants and antiperspirants, they mask or tame the smell and stop or reduce sweating. Why not just use an antiperspirant to keep the sweating at bay? Not necessarily. Many people opt for natural deodorants instead of antiperspirants due to aluminum content in antiperspirants, which prevents sweat from evaporating. The problem? There are some studies that suggest there may be a link between aluminum in antiperspirants and breast cancer and other harmful effects, so a natural deodorant is preferred.We need to talk about the elephant in the room: What is BO? What is its origin?It is caused by a combination of bacteria on your skin and sweat. Apocrine and eccrine glands in your body produce sweat to cool your body and regulate your body temperature when the temperature rises above a certain level. It is possible that you have noticed that your sweat has a different smell at different times. You can find out what's making your sweat smell funky in the article below.Why do you sweat and how can you minimize it?A person's body is designed to sweat, a process that can be triggered by anything from hormonal imbalances to diets. I often have patients who come in to get botox to stop their hyperhidrosis, but there are other options, says Board Certified Cosmetic Practitioner, Dmitriy Schwarzburg, MD who is the lead physician at MiracleFace MedSpa. Apart from daily sweating, other factors can also cause sweating intensely, for example hormones, emotions (such as stress causing your heart rate to rise and body temperature to rise), the material of your clothes, sleep hygiene (sleeping enough for your body to rest and heal) and what you eat and drink.Examine your daily routine and habits. Maintain a healthy diet, get enough sleep, and reduce your stress levels. Though sweating is a natural phenomenon in the body, you can take some simple steps to reduce stress and reduce sweating in your daily routine. Research shows that stress sweat can smell worse because of the glands and hormones involved in stress. They also found that pungent foods like garlic and onions can also lead to stronger sweat odors. As with heat, spicy foods can cause sweating since your body can react to capsaicin, the chemical in these foods that make them spicy. It doesn't help to put too much hot sauce and chili powder on everything! Our adrenal glands are stimulated by caffeine, which is a stimulant. This, in turn, causes sweating. To reduce sweating, some of you may need to give up coffee.Try armpit detoxingWhy not treat your armpits too? Many of us have tried facials and body scrubs, so why not do that too? Some natural products can be used to absorb sweat without utilizing antiperspirants containing potentially harmful metals. Masks can be created with these products. The main ingredients of the mixture are bentonite clay, water, and apple cider vinegar, which has antimicrobial properties and can be used to combat odor-causing bacteria. There are products such as clay that can absorb sweat and reduce the smell when sweat is reduced. In addition to these ingredients, some natural deodorants contain clay, charcoal, zinc, and other minerals to help absorb sweat and mask unpleasant odors.You should wear lightweight fabrics that absorb moisture and try to stay coolIn a lot of clothes, the polyester base is essentially water resistant, so sweat cannot escape and you end up trapped in your clothes with sweat and discomfort. Wearing cotton clothes instead, which are breathable and absorb moisture, is the best choice. There are also great linen and cambray fabrics that share many of the same characteristics as cotton fabrics. Try to maintain your body temperature at a low level. It's important to wear loose clothes, stay hydrated, and even apply aloe vera over hot areas of your body, such as your forehead, armpits, and palms, to keep yourself cool. Doing so can prevent excessive sweating. Final takeawayBecause body odor is mostly caused by sweat, the most important thing you can do to prevent it is to keep your body cool, avoid foods that can make you feel warm, and avoid stress and hormonal imbalances. The tools listed above can sometimes be used to address this. A secondary cause of smelly sweat is the foods you eat, hormonal imbalances, and bacteria on your body.A lot of sweat can be a big bother when it is excessive. In case you are experiencing excessive sweating, it is necessary to speak with your primary care physician to ensure that there aren't any serious underlying issues that need to be addressed.